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We are a specialist boutique law office located in Ubon Ratchathani offering legal services to both Thai and English speaking foreigners who are in need of professional legal assistance in various aspects of law.


A Friendly & Professional Legal Service You Can Depend Upon

Diamond Russell Lawyers are ideally positioned as Thai lawyers and attorneys to assist clients in all legal matters from criminal law to civil law, as well as contracts, family law & divorce, company registration, wills & estates, real estate, and various other legal matters. We are located in Ubon Ratchathani and can provide clients with support in matters being heard in the Ubon Provincial Court as well as any other private matters where clients require the fast and professional support of a qualified lawyer or attorney. We also provide services to clients in other parts of the Isaan region or in fact anywhere in Thailand as we often travel to other parts of the country to deal with both civil and criminal matters and to file petitions in the relevant provincial courts.

General Legal Services:

Under the leadership of Attorney Phuangphet Hall (B.A. Law LL.B), a fluent English speaker and a Thai Judiciary certified Court interpreter, Diamond Russell Lawyers offer services covering criminal law and police matters, to property, civil law, contracts, family law & divorce, company registration, wills & estates, real estate, and other legal matters which may from time to time present as challenging issues that need to be handled. Situated in Ubonratchathani but also serving other provinces of Thailand for both local and international clients needing expert and reliable legal assistance in a wide variety of legal matters and disciplines.

Mediation Services:

Often, legal disputes can be resolved without needing to go before the court. This is done through a process of mediation between the parties to a dispute. Diamond Russell can provide expert assistance with mediation for Thai clients and also for foreigners requiring translation into English. For more information please see our page on Mediation. Sometimes, if a civil matter is filed with the court, the court will direct the parties to a mediation process to see if the matter can be resolved without the need for the matter to be heard and decided by a judge. This can be an excellent opportunity for the two parties to resolve the matter and control the outcome, but it is important to note the critical role that an experienced mediator can play in this regard. Our senior legal counselor, Attorney Phuangphet Hall is highly skilled and adept in the art of arbitration and mediation and is a certified IBSC International Mediator and an accredited arbitrator under the authority of the ADR/ODR International Arbitration group.

Free Initial Consultations:

We offer free initial consultations regarding any matter with which you may need assistance. That process is usually quite simple and brief and generally takes about 15 to 20 minutes via a phone call, or alternatively it can be conducted by way of email correspondence. After this initial contact, once you have a clearer indication of how we may be able to assist you, if you feel like pursuing the matter with us, you can then take a full consultation to discuss the matter in detail and to explore specific strategies to deal with it. Generally, the first in-depth consultation will last for about 1 hour but in some cases could run into 2 hours depending on the complexity of the issue and the number of questions that the client has.

Expert Document Translation (Thai – English – Thai)

Diamond Russell Lawyers specialize in translation of documents from Thai to English and English to Thai. Whether the need is just for a simple letter or a legal contract, we can expertly translate and ensure that the correct legal and general context is applied in both English and Thai translations. This kind of translation is a rare skill which can be invaluable when needing to communicate clearly and respectfully from Thai to English and vice-versa. Contracts and documents with legal implications need to follow specific legal protocols that only a qualified lawyer and experienced translator can provide. You can rely upon Diamond Russell Lawyers to attend to your specific needs in this regard. We can provide this service anywhere in Thailand via telephone support and online document transfer to facilitate a suitable outcome for any of your important requirements when in need of fast, reliable and expert document translation. Read More!

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