About Us

Diamond Russell Lawyers is ideally positioned to assist clients in all legal matters from criminal law to civil law, as well as contracts, family law & divorce, company registration, wills & estates and various other legal matters. Moreover, we also offer notarial services through our licensed Notarial Services Attorney, Phuangphet Hall, who is also the principal Senior Lawyer, Attorney, and Director of Diamond Russell Lawyers.
Location and Service

Located in Ubon Ratchatani, Diamond Russell Lawyers can provide clients with support in matters being heard in the Ubon Provincial Court as well as any other private matters where clients require the fast and professional support of a qualified lawyer. We also provide services to clients in other parts of the Isaan region or in fact anywhere in Thailand as we often travel to other parts of the country to deal with both civil and criminal matters and to file petitions in the relevant provincial courts.

Diamond Russell Lawyers offers a mobile legal consultation and support service so that clients can enjoy the convenience of meetings either in their home, at their workplace or any other venue of choice.

The Benefits of Thai Native and English Speaking Lawyers

Phuangphet Saenthaweesuk Hall is a Thai lawyer and licensed attorney (B.A. Law LL.B) from Ubon Ratchatani. Her native language is Thai (including Isaan/Thai-Laos) and she is also an advanced English speaker and is fluent in both conversation and writing. She holds accreditation from the Thai Judiciary in Bangkok as a certified Court Interpreter in English to Thai and can confidently assist in all legal matters where an English-speaking client requires legal support. Needless to say that Thai clients without any need for English interpretation can rely upon her for friendly and professional assistance with any legal matters they may have. She is highly adept as a mediator in both civil matters and in criminal matters including police investigations. Her experience in the court mediation process can be relied upon as a great source of support and reassurance for anyone having to attend a court mediation meeting related to court matters that would ideally be able to be concluded without the need to go before the courtroom and directions of a judge.

Russell Craig Hall holds a *Diploma (*with distinction) in Business Management & Real Estate Business Administration. He studied law at Sydney University in the undergraduate LPAB Dip-Law program and has an extensive background in general business and business management especially in property and legal matters with particular emphasis on commercial and civil law. Russell is a former practicing Australian licensed real estate agent (NSW) and also has a sound understanding of Thai property and the operative principles of the Thai real estate industry having resided in Thailand since 2006. His vast knowledge of real estate and contract law and of professional drafting and editing of documents in English is most significant. Russell’s overall administrative and business management skills are of particular support and a valuable resource to Diamond Russell Lawyers.

Chusak Athonvarangkul is a licensed Thai lawyer and attorney (B.A. Law LL.B) and a certified Thai Barrister at law with a Master of Laws degree majoring in Intellectual Property Law from the prestigious Ramkhamhaeng University. He has been practising law since 2007 and has wide experience as a legal counsellor and attorney working in the commercial and manufacturing & industrial sectors as well as in leasing and finance.
Attorney Chusak is very articulate in the preparation of legal research, due diligence, contract drafting, company formation and litigation for commercial and private clients alike. He has vast experience providing legal representation in both civil and criminal matters and is highly conversant with court protocols and legal processes. Diamond Russell Lawyers are delighted to be associated with Attorney Chusak supported by his wealth of knowledge and keen ability which we are highly confident will be of distinct support and advantage to any clients being privileged by his professional legal expertise.

A Wide Range of Support for Various Legal Disciplines:

Diamond Russell Lawyers is a general legal services office and provides services to clients in all types of legal matters such as Family Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Civil Law, Wills & Estates, Contracts, Litigation, Disputes, Interpreter Service, Document Translation, Finance & Lending, Debt Management, Prenuptials &  Marriage Contracts  and Real Estate & Property Law.

Our business address is: 345 Moo 12, Kudlad, Muang, Ubonratchathani, 34000. (Personal consultations by appointment only)
Our office hours are: 9.00 am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday

Our direct website email address is: diamondrussell.law@gmail.com
For urgent matters or to get a “lawyer callback” call: 098-987-9280