Our Process

Client Engagement

At Diamond Russell Lawyers we employ a specific methodology when it comes to engaging clients. That process firstly involves having an initial consultation with the client to determine what their specific issues are so that we can begin to further investigate and then formulate a strategy for dealing with the matter.

Our initial consultation is free and consists of a brief 15 to 20-minute conversation where we gather the basic information about the matter. Whilst this consultation is free, it should not be construed as free advice as its purpose is principally to gather information and to be able to then inform the client of whether the matter warrants further investigation and the formulation of a strategy intended at bringing about the most favorable outcome for the client. In some cases, it might not be entirely necessary for a client to engage a lawyer due to lack of legal relevance, evidence or perhaps some other reason. An experienced lawyer will be able to quickly tell a client whether a matter merits direct legal support and a fuller legal strategy being discussed.

Formal Consultation:

After the first initial free phone consultation, if the matter warrants a formal consultation we will arrange that with the client. Such consultations can be either via phone conversation, personal meeting appointment or email correspondence or a combination thereof. Clients will be given a quotation for the consultation fee depending on requirements and the amount of work and expertise involved.

Please note that all matters are evaluated on their own merit and costed according to the envisaged amount of work and professional expertise involved. We will provide our clients with a proposed fee to attend to a specific matter which we will itemize and document so that the client can be clear about attendant costs. Generally, this quotation will be provided to the client after the first formal consultation has been concluded and a suitable legal strategy has been proposed.

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