Commercial Law

Thai Commercial Law is determined by the Civil & Commercial Code. In addition to typical Commercial Law matters, the Thai Civil & Commercial Code deals with family law, wills & estates and succession. Principally, the Civil & Commercial Code includes provisions relating to “general principals & obligations” which are also relevant and can be applied to laws outside of the “Civil & Commercial Code”.

Thai Commercial Law specifically deals with laws relating to persons, (including Companies, Partnerships & Joint Ventures as legal entities), property, and general principles and obligations. Commercial law mainly pertains to commercial transactions and the operation of commercial interest and these are governed by the provisions of the Thai Civil & Commercial Code.

Here are some typical areas of Commercial Law which Diamond Russell Lawyers can assist clients with:

Company Formation

At Diamond Russell Lawyers we can assist you with the formation of a company by taking care of all of the documentation required and ensuring the proper and lawful registration of the company. As each case is different, we will consult with the client to determine the appropriate and lawful setup of the company and discuss the obligations, reporting requirements and applicable taxation laws. For further information please see our “Civil Law” page under the “Company Establishment” title.

Business Formation

At Diamond Russell Lawyers we can advise you of the process of business registration and provide assistance in that process. We can also provide the business owner with a consultation on the operation of the business and the legal obligations and applicable laws that could affect the business owner as an unlimited liability person as opposed to a limited liability person as defined in company and some partnership setups.

Finance & Lending

Whether you are considering the offering of finance as a private lender, or as a consumer of finance as as borrower, we can assist with either the drafting of finance and loan agreements, or the ratification (editing and approval) of agreements that a client is either entering into or has already entered into.
Something which clients need to consider whether they are lenders or borrowers is that certain things that might be noted within a contract or Agreement’s provisions may not actually be lawful and that of course means that those elements of contract or Agreement are not legally enforceable. In some instances, such unlwaful provisions might render the entire contract/agreements as being void or voidable.
At Diamond Russell Lawyers we can assist clients with the lawful application of finance & lending agreements/contracts.

Debt Management

If you are a credit consumer (borrower) and are having payment or other issues with your lender, please feel welcome to contact us to discuss how we might be able to assist you in protecting your financial interests and legal rights.
If a lender, financier or bank is currently pursuing you for payments which you are struggling with, then they need to be observing the correct legal protocols for collection. Often they will not observe those protocols and obligations and they resort to unlawful collection methods involving harassment by telephone contact and personal visits at the borrower’s residence or workplace.
If you are being subjected to this kind of unlawful and stressful activity, please call us immediately as we will be happy to assist you in bringing such activities to a stop as nobody is above the law and all must answer to it responsibly. Harassment and intimidation are not permitted by the Civil & Commercial Code and moreover, are caught by the provisions within the Criminal Code which can in itself be a deterring to corporations and persons acting as lenders and financiers from acting unlawfully with regards to the proper administration of loans and finance.

Contract Drafting

At Diamond Russell Lawyers we can assist clients with the correct and lawful drafting of contracts which can include Thai & English versions so that any English speaking parties to the contract can understand the contract purpose and operative provisions. Please feel welcome to contact us for an obligation free chat about your requirements. You can read more on this topic at our page on “Civil Law” under the heading of “Contracts”