Criminal Law

Criminal Law in Thailand is governed by the Thai Penal Code which is the codified system of law dealing with crimes and offences against “the public” (including the Kingdom of Thailand, the King and certain members of the royal family) and/or against another person.

As you may be able to appreciate, the Thai Penal Code is quite extensive and as such Thai Criminal Law is a specialist area of legal practice that requires considerable expertise especially where serious criminal matters are concerned.

One of the main mechanisms for the application of criminal charges is via the Royal Thai Police who have an obligation to investigate criminal complaints from members of the public. In this regard, it is quite common for a person to receive a summons to attend a criminal investigative inquiry at a local police station. Such summons notices (which are always made formally in writing and served accordingly) should be taken seriously and responded to immediately.
In normal circumstances, if the complaint is general and not urgent (such as might be the case for theft or violent crime etc) then the police might issue a 2nd notice to the person. If a 3rd notice is issued then usually a mandatory arrest warrant is issued. It should be noted however that the summoning officer does have the legal right to initiate an immediate arrest warrant in circumstances where the matter is considered urgent or where there might be a flight risk of the person involved.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a summons to attend an investigative inquiry into a criminal complaint you should immediately respond by appointing a lawyer or legal counsellor to represent you at the nominated meeting at the police station. For English speaking foreigners it would be highly advantageous to employ the services of an English speaking lawyer or interpreter. At Diamond Russell Lawyers, our senior Legal Counsel Phuangphet Hall is highly adept in dealing with such matters. Often, if an initial investigative inquiry is handled proficiently and confidently, then it is possible that charges may not be laid. At the least, it could result in a secondary meeting with the police which in the meantime provides an opportunity to consider a suitable strategy and perhaps prepare for a full legal representation in the event that charges are laid and a court hearing is scheduled.

Going to court can be a costly exercise which if possible should be avoided. If however, criminal charges are laid and it eventuates as being unavoidable then you really need to have adequate legal counsel and representation. At Diamond Russell Lawyers we can provide you with reliable and professional legal counsel and the support of a highly adept English speaking lawyer and accredited court interpreter as well as a highly experienced associate criminal law attorney with over 30 years experience as a police officer. This kind of expertise can be your assurance that your criminal law matter will be dealt with in the best possible manner with a focus on achieving the most favourable outcome whilst keeping your legal expenses to a minimum.

If you are involved in a criminal law investigation or charges, then please contact us without delay to discuss how we can be of assistance to you in resolving the matter as quickly as possible.