Document Translation

Expert Document Translation (Thai – English – Thai)

Diamond Russell Lawyers provides reliable document translation from Thai to English and English to Thai. All of our work is done in house by highly proficient language translators and legal specialists so our clients can be assured of the correct context and legal relevance and meaning. This is extremely important especially when dealing with legally relevant documents such as contracts and legal notices.

Because we perform all our own work with zero outsourcing, we can provide very fast turnaround times when required by our clients. We take the time to discuss and explain and specific legal references so that our clients are aware of any potential implications when it comes to having a court make an interpretation of any such references. In some cases, this can determine the success or the unwelcome imposition of interpretation that could be negative in relation to the client’s objectives and overall protection under the law. If you are uncertain about the interpretation (or transliteration) of any legal documents you might be reliant upon, please feel welcome to discuss it with us so that we can review your documents and provide you with an opinion.

Specialist Lawyer-to-Lawyer Document Translation (Thai – English – Thai)

As Thai Lawyers we understand the critical importance and relevance of ensuring accurate and contextually relevant translations. We believe that when a document is required to be translated into English (and vice-versa), that the correct context and proper legal relevance and implication is of the utmost importance and that only a qualified Thai lawyer can adequately understand the proper context so that the correct legal tenants can be maintained and accurately conveyed into the translated document. This is our promise and assurance to our clients so that they can be totally confident that their translated document or content maintains the integrity and purpose of the original without being compromised or presented in an unprofessional or diluted manner.

Diamond Russell Lawyers specialize in translation of documents from Thai to English and English to Thai. Whether the need is just for a simple letter or a legal contract, we can expertly translate and ensure that the correct legal and general context is applied in both English and Thai translations. This kind of translation is a rare skill which can be invaluable when needing to communicate clearly and respectfully from Thai to English and vice-versa. Contracts and documents with legal implications need to follow specific legal protocols that only a qualified lawyer and experienced translator can provide. You can rely upon Diamond Russell Lawyers to attend to your specific needs in this regard. We can provide this service anywhere in Thailand via telephone support and online document transfer to facilitate a suitable outcome for any of your important requirements when in need of fast, reliable and expert document translation.

Are You a Thai Lawyer or Law Firm Seeking Professional English Translation Services?

If so, please contact us today to discuss your requirements. We will be delighted to hear from you and assure you of a fast response to your inquiry. All contact is received in strictest confidence and we appreciate that time is of the essence in most circumstances when dealing with legal issues and clients of lawyers and law firms.

Fast Turnaround For Your Translated Work!

Our standard turnaround time for translation work is 48 hours*. However, we can provide 24 hour* turnaround times for urgent work. This generally comes at a slight premium but does depend on circumstances and our own workload at the time. We also accept work on weekends which may be required by Monday. Many of our professional lawyer clients have appreciated being able to rely upon our weekend turnaround service.

*Quoted turnaround times depend upon the number of pages needing translation. For more than 5 to 10 pages, the turnaround times will be greater and will be quoted according to volume and complexity.