Interpreter Service

Court Interpreter Service (English – Thai)


Our senior Legal Counsel, Attorney Phuangphet Hall (B.A. Law LL.B), is a fully certified court interpreter for English to Thai. This accreditation was provided by the Thai Judiciary in Bangkok after a process of rigorous training and qualification.

Court interpreter services are provided directly via the court to ensure the validity and qualification of the interpreter assisting the court.

Often the court will rely upon a video conference call involving a court interpreter but in many cases it is preferable to have a live interpreter present who can directly assist the person speaking. Many attorneys prefer the presence of a live interpreter and we are pleased to offer our interpreter services to any attorneys or external clients who may wish to be supported by a trusted interpreter when standing in court.

If you’d like to know more about how the Court Interpreter service works and have specific questions about being supported in court by a certified and very capable English interpreter, please contact us for a free confidential chat at any time.