Notarial Services

Notarial Services in Thailand

If you need to certify or authenticate a document for legal purposes in Thailand, you will need to obtain the services of a licensed Notarial Services Attorney. Notarial Services are legal services that in most other (western) countries are provided by a Notary Public or a Registered Notary Attorney. These services include attesting documents or authenticating a signature to use in a foreign jurisdiction. In Thailand, “Notary Publics” are called “Notarial Services Attorneys” (NSA) which are qualified attorneys-at-law, trained and certified by the Lawyers Council of Thailand. These are the only class of professional qualified and capable of providing notarial services in Thailand. Whereas there are some other legal acts that foreign “Notary Public” offices perform such as issuing apostilles, legalizing documents, and *certifying protests. Those other legal acts can be facilitated by any Thai lawyer or NSA by having documents legalized at the Thai Consular office (any Thai citizen can in fact use the Thai Consular office directly but it can be made a lot simpler when assisted by a competent Thai lawyer or Attorney, or NSA, and where the service is required by a foreigner, then a Thai Attorney or NSA needs to be used). In simple terms, a Thai Notarial Services Attorney performs the same functions of the western counterpart “Notary Public” officers when it comes to witnessing and authenticating documents.

(*a notarial protest certificate is a document issued by a notary public that declares that a holder of a negotiable instrument (like a check or promissory note) has tried to get payment or acceptance from the person responsible for it (the drawee), but the drawee refused or dishonored the instrument.)

Certified Notarial Services in Ubonratchathani 

If you are looking for a reliable and professional Notarial Services Attorney in Ubonratchathani, you can trust Diamond Russell Lawyers – Ubonratchathani to handle your document needs and to respond quickly to your request for assistance. All professional attendance is by appointment only and we can provide a mobile service or convenient service in Ubon city (Provincial Courthouse vicinity). We often assist clients (both local and international) in having documents legalised by the Thai Consular office.

Diamond Russell Lawyers – Ubonratchathani is a full-service law firm that offers full Notarial Services as well as other legal services such as family law, property law, business law, immigration law, and litigation. Diamond Russell Lawyers – Ubonratchathani has a team of experienced and qualified lawyers who are licensed by the Lawyers Council of Thailand and have extensive knowledge of Thai and international laws. Diamond Russell Lawyers – Ubonratchathani can help you with:

  • Certifying signatures, copies, translations, and facts
  • Verifying and authenticating of passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates etc.
  • Preparing affidavits, declarations, oaths, and objections
  • Provision of full Notarial Certificates
  • Legalizing documents for foreign use
  • Advising on legal issues related to your documents
  • Representing you in court if necessary

Our rates for Notarial Services are comparable with other NSA’s in Ubon Ratchathani and we would be happy to provide a quote for either a NSA stamp to witness a signature, or a full Notarial Certificate to verify the authenticity of documents. Reduced rates apply for multiple documents being notarised or signature witnessed during the same appointment.

Signers’ Responsibility For Document Content: The content of the documents that signers present to notaries is not the concern of the notaries, as their role is only to verify the identity of the signers. Notaries do not have any duty to check the accuracy or legality of what is written in the documents. Therefore, the signers are the ones who are accountable for what they put in their documents. This disclaimer is in fact indicated in the Notarial Certificate or the NSA’s signature witnessing verification stamp.

Diamond Russell Lawyers – Ubonratchathani can provide you with fast, efficient, and affordable notary public services in Ubonratchathani. You can contact us by email ( or via our website contact page, or call us on 098-987-9280, Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Initial inquiries and consultations are free and can be of support to prospective clients (and existing clients) seeking legal insight and direction without any obligation or cost in the first instance.