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Our Services

Our website; diamondrussell.com  is an independent website established by qualified Thai lawyers based in Thailand for the purpose of assisting people with diverse legal needs in Thailand.  Diamond Russell Lawyers assists clients in all manner of legal requirements from civil and commercial law, to criminal law, family law and international law. We can assist with Wills & Estates, Prenuptial Agreements, disputes, debt management, business and company establishment and all general legal inquiries.

Your use of our website and any attendant informal communication with us does not indicate or establish any client-attorney relationship and in no way should be construed as being legal or financial advice. If you decide to request us to provide you with legal counselling then that would initiate a client engagement with attendant responsibilities and obligations due from the lawyer acting on your behalf.

Fees Payable by You

Our fees are clearly indicated in both client assignment proposals and client engagement agreements.

Any initial phone inquiries are without charge but we do have a set fee for all consultations which will be made clear with clients prior to engagement or initial formal consultation.

In all cases, any fees charged by us will be disclosed to you upfront and clarified in the Engagement Agreement document.

Refund Policy

Our engagement/deposit fee covers our basic costs in the consultation with clients and the preparation of attending to the client matter at hand.  If a client for any reason decides not to proceed after the initial consultation and payment of the engagement/deposit fee and wishes to terminate the Engagement Agreement after it has been authorized, then no refund of the engagement/deposit fee would apply.

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Payment Processing

All payments for services offered by us must be paid via bank transfer/direct deposit to our Thai bank account held with Kasikorn Bank Thailand. 

Accuracy of Information

We regularly update the information on this website and endeavour to keep it up to date with policy, product, and pricing changes. However, we give no assurance or warranty that the information is current and take no responsibility for any loss or inconvenience caused by a person or organisation relying on this information.

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