Getting Married is a Happy and Joyous Occasion… It Doesn’t Need to be Overshadowed by Stressful Concerns over Financial Security!


A Thai prenuptial agreement is a very simple instrument which allows you to protect any pre-existing financial assets which you have acquired prior to getting married in the unforeseen event that the marriage ends in divorce. 

The time to make the proper provisions for both partners is BEFORE you get married. This serves to strengthen the financial basis of the marriage so that it can be lasting and enduring!

Support your Thai wife & children…. … by making proper legal provisions for them whilst protecting your own pre-existing assets!

A well structured prenuptial agreement also makes provisions for your wife and any children of the marriage. This can provide peace of mind for your wife in knowing that she and her children would be taken care of in the event that the marriage ended prematurely.

When a couple enters into a marriage where the financial details have been clarified and settled beforehand to open and mutual agreement the marriage can then proceed and develop on a foundation of strength and clear understanding as to the financial arrangements in the unlikely event of divorce. 

It shouldn’t be automatically assumed that just because a prenup has been created, that either party intends or thinks that the marriage will not last. On the contrary, a prenup agreement should be seen as a necessary preparatory step to getting married, and one that will hopefully never need to be called upon at any time in the future.


If you’ve already created a foreign prenup agreement, you still need to create a separate Thai prenup agreement document to totally clarify your Thai based assets and be fully protected!


If you already have a prenuptial agreement registered in your home country then that  will protect your assets in your own country, but it won’t have any legal relevance in Thailand as only a Thai prenuptial agreement which is recognized under Thai law has relevance and local jurisdiction over your property and asset interests held in Thailand.

Without a local Thai jurisdiction prenuptial agreement, you would be subject to vague interpretation and statutory common property principles when your Thai related financial matters are being settled pursuant to divorce.


Your peace of mind and secure financial future is totally worth the simple task of setting up a reliable, fully legal, Thai prenuptial agreement!

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